Sunday, December 28, 2008

Glad® Simply Cooking™ Microwave Steaming Bags

If you don’t like using a pot or have a Pyrex dish to steam veggies and such, these are disposable bags that you can fill, seal and pop in the microwave to cook away. No cleaning or mess and there is even a guide re: how many minutes to steam based on portion size. I will often use these to blanch, or pre-cook vegetables a bit before sautéing or using in a recipe to cut down the preparation time. They can be found at most grocery stores and most importantly the manufacturer states: “Microwave Steaming Bags are made with ingredients/plastics that comply with FDA regulations, and are safe for microwave cooking”. Do note that it is recommended that they are not re-used. For more info and FAQs you can visit the Glad website here


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