Thursday, January 10, 2019

Healthy Habit Series Starts NOW!

Let’s get things started! I am counting down the next 6 days until my book release with one healthy habit suggestion per day and kicking off a new segment on my blog dedicated to discussing healthy habits in future posts. 

Today’s habit: drink more water!! 

Hydrate for energy, great skin, to prevent overeating, aid digestion and then some...Drink a glass upon waking (hot water w/lemon is awesome in the AM ),consume a glass before each meal to prevent overeating, keep a large environmentally-friendly reusable water bottle with you at your desk and on the go, even set reminders on your phone to drink if you have to! Unless you have a medical condition that requires restricting fluids, plenty of water is almost always a key component to good health. Check out my new healthy lifestyle account for more upcoming tips and tricks on Instagram at:  @habits4wholehealth 


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