Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year and 8th Birthday to My Blog!

2016 went by in a flash and I am JUST now getting to write my annual yearly recap and blog birthday celebratory post!

My blog is now 8 years running strong and I am still excited to develop yummy recipes to share with you as well as post about important nutrition topics and the latest diet-related research.  I have continued to enjoy posting on behalf of the Cranberry Institute, teaming up with brands as Skinny Pop and Chobani for fun segments and still love taking part in the monthly Recipe Redux challenges, which are always great motivators to develop new and fun recipes to share.

Gabby and I have worked hard to carve out time in the kitchen to continue to bring you Gabby's Eats posts and we were featured again in our local magazine this past Fall to showcase some of our seasonal recipes.  Another collaboration I was lucky to be a part of was contributing recipes to a cookbook released by one of my registered dietitian colleagues too.

This coming year I hope to continue to bring you more recipes, research,  Cranberry Institute and Recipe ReDux posts for sure. Gabby and I also plan to create and cook many more yummy recipes this year and I will see what great sponsors and organizations I can team up with for a variety of fun posts too. I also have plans for some new segments as well, so stay tuned and thank you so much as always for your readership and support.  Here's to a great 2017!!


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