Sunday, September 12, 2010

The BAD/BETTER/BEST of Foods Challenge Post # 8


BAD – regular cream cheese

Spread a standard serving of 2 tablespoons regular cream cheese on your bagel or toast and you’ll add 100 calories and 9-10 grams of fat, 70 percent of which is saturated fat - the “bad: kind that is linked to heart disease.

BETTER- Neufchatel cheese or whipped cream cheese

Try Neufchatel cheese or whipped cream cheese instead and 2 tablespoons will be 70-80 calories, 6-7 grams fat (1/3 less than regular cream cheese).

BEST- light cream cheese

2 tablespoons will only cost you 60 calories and 3-5 grams of fat (50 percent less than regular). Aside from on bagels and bread, try it in my Strawberry Cream Cheese and Spinach Artichoke Dip recipes.


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