Saturday, February 13, 2016


It’s hard to believe that as of this April, it will be 17 years that I have been working as a registered dietitian and that I have been a diabetes educator for 8 of those years as well! It has been an amazing journey so far and I have truly enjoyed being able to interact with and help patients lead healthier lives.  During the many consultations I have conducted throughout the years I cannot tell you how many clients, namely those with diabetes, have asked me “Marie, can you come to the supermarket with me?….I do not know what to eat!!”  Well, this March I am going to do just that- CONDUCT A GROCERY STORE TOUR!! I have been given the opportunity to team up with One Touch and VONS to lead an Eating Healthy With Diabetes  Grocery Store Tour in partnership with the store pharmacist to provide nutrition education to those registered for the tour, which happens to be free of charge!  Here is the scoop on what the tour is all about:

The tour will begin will a wonderful introduction and informative talk by the pharmacist, which will include an overview of diabetes, prevention tips, glucose monitoring guidelines and a discussion about the plate method.

Then comes my cue to do the nutrition education segment and 90 minute tour! I will review carbohydrates/proteins/fats and their relation to blood sugars, meal planning,  carbohydrate counting suggestions, using exchanges and understanding food labels. After that we are off to cruise the isles of the store together and I will be able to discuss in detail the different categories of foods at the store, how to make good choices and to consume sensible portions to promote blood sugar control, weight management and heart health.

If you or someone you know has diabetes, pre-diabetes, a family history of diabetes (and is trying to be proactive in prevention) or just wants to learn more about healthy eating and diabetes I strongly encourage you/them to register.

My tour will take place on Saturday March 12th at 10 am and is located at VONS  Redondo Beach, 4001 Inglewood Avenue.  You can register for my tour or any of the other tours across California and the US by clicking HERE.

Hope to see you there :)


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