Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In the News: Having a Healthy Snack (Like An Apple!) Prior To Grocery Shopping Actually Leads to Better Food Choices

Ever heard the saying "never go food shopping hungry"?  Well a recent study has supported this and even gone beyond to show that having the right kind of snack beforehand is a VERY good idea. The study, published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, investigated whether having a healthy snack,  namely an apple, prior to shopping in the store or online, would lead to better food choices.

Researchers from Cornell University  found that when study participants ate an apple sample prior to food shopping (in store and online), they purchased 25% more fruits and vegetables in comparison to those who ate a cookie.

The results led them to recommend having a small healthy snack, such as fruit, before going shopping which can help decrease hunger and positively influence food choices. Maybe supermarkets should even offer healthy food samples to customers arriving too?

I think this was a great study and it's conclusion offers a simple, easy suggestion to help others take a step towards making healthy food choices.

Read a summary of the research HERE and the study abstract  HERE !!


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