Friday, July 25, 2014

Copycat Recipe: Whole Foods Cajun Chicken Salad

I got the inspiration to create this recipe while were vacationing in Saint Louis earlier this month. We had just finished a busy day of visiting family and were quite tired so we decided to hit Whole Foods to pick up a quick dinner to eat at the hotel.  I spied a Cajun chicken salad in the case and decided to try it out and was very impressed!  I knew I had to create it at home which I had success with a few weeks later. The creamy dressing has a bit of kick (which you can adjust the spiciness to taste) and it goes great with the crunch of the carrots and peppers.  Have some atop salad greens, with crackers, in a sandwich or a wrap for a delicious and satisfying meal, especially on a warm Summer day or night!


6 cups chopped cooked chicken (This worked out to a little over 2 pounds, I cooked it by boiling in a pot of water so it comes out really moist)
¾ cup matchstick carrots, coarsely chopped
3 cups cup diced red bell pepper
1½ cups nonfat plain yogurt
¾  cup light mayo
1.5 teaspoon white vinegar (or rice vinegar)
½ teaspoon sugar
1.5 teaspoons- 1 Tablespoon Cajun seasoning (depending on how spicy you like it!)


Put the chopped cooked chicken, carrots and peppers in a large bowl.  In a medium bowl combine the yogurt, mayo, vinegar and seasoning and then pour over the chicken/veggie mixture.  Fold in the dressing and mix well.  Chill if not serving immediately.

Makes 10 cups, 10 servings

Serving size 1 cup Calories 220 Protein 29 g Carb 9 g Fiber 1 g Sugars 6 g Fat 7 g Saturated fat 1.5 g Sodium 330 mg  


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