Sunday, April 7, 2013

In The News: Eating A High Protein Breakfast Can Curb Late Night Snacking

Feeling like your snacking goes into overdrive at night?  Well, eating a high protein breakfast may help prevent that habit, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. When participants consumed a 35 gram protein breakfast, it significantly reduced evening snacking in comparison to those who skipped breakfast, or consumed only a modest amount of protein at their morning meal. The study was small, with only 20 participants, but the results are encouraging with the authors noting "breakfast led to beneficial alterations in the appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals that control food intake regulation. Only the HP {high protein} breakfast led to further alterations in these signals and reduced evening snacking."  35 grams may seem like a lot and the jury is still out on the exact amount of protein that should be consumed, but I think adding 15-20 grams is a good start.  (Note: for those with kidney problems, adding extra protein may not be appropriate and consulting a doctor first is advised).   Egg whites, nitrate-free turkey bacon, greek yogurt, cottage cheese and smoothies with protein powder are all great ways to add some protein to your morning.  Also, try my Garden Medley Frittata recipe or some home made protein bars to get those grams in!


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