Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Squash Noodles

Using summer squash as "noodles” is a delicious, low calorie, vitamin rich and gluten-free alternative to pasta! They can be used raw or cooked and are extremely easy to make.  This post will show you how to make them and I will be posting a few awesome recipes in the coming weeks to give some additional serving ideas.

Ingredients/What you’ll need:

Zucchini or yellow squash


A julienne peeler (or regular peeler if N/A).  I have one made by Kuhn Rikon which is great. The peeled squash comes out like thin spaghetti. 

If you use a regular peeler the squash will be more like wide egg noodles.


Wash the squash well, then cut about a ½  inch off the top and the bottom.

Peel the squash lengthwise (like you would a carrot) using the julienne peeler or regular peeler,

Try to peel as much off as possible, once the seeded middle is hit is usually when you may get some resistance and will stop.  (You can dice the peeled, seeded  middles up into cubes to put in an omelette, stir fry or try some in my zucchini homefries recipe!)

One medium squash will make about 2 cups of “noodles.”   And that’s all there is to  it!  Use in place of pasta or raw on salad.

The “noodles cook very quickly” in a pan, about 3-6 min.  You can serve them with your favorite sauce (pasta style), simply dressed with a bit of olive oil, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese or even cold topped with your favorite salad dressing.  Try them!!!!!


Gabriela Steve July 17, 2012 at 3:43 PM  

Thanks for sharing- so simple to do and very healthy!

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