Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Kids Eat Right Campaign

Now that I have a little toddler to feed, my interest in kids’ nutrition has skyrocketed! Recently I’ve been paying attention to practically every news headline, research summary and magazine article that has to do with this topic. I even went so far as to purchase the Pediatric Nutrition Handbook (the ultimate reference manual for dietitians that work with kids) to read and learn cover to cover. Even though I mainly see adults in private practice and research studies, I find children’s nutrition fascinating and very important, so when the American Dietetic Association put out a call for dietitians to help on the new Kids Eat Right Campaign, I was IN for sure! This national initiative was recently launched to support our government’s movement to combat childhood obesity and promote more healthful eating through public education projects and programs. A website has also been created as part of this program to be resource for parents and caregivers. It provides quality, reliable and fun nutrition and health information to foster optimal growth of our kids and future generations of children to come. I have submitted a bunch of my kid friendly recipes and have written a few articles for the site. Check it out!


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