Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ridiculously Easy and Healthy Fruit Yogurt

This easy recipe is higher in protein lower in carb and fat than most store bought fruit yogurts yet is very creamy and tasty.


1 cup nonfat Greek Yogurt (plain)
2 Tablespoons low sugar jam (I used Trader Joes brand, Smuckers also makes one)


Put the yogurt into a small dish, spoon in the jam and stir well. Chill if not eating immediately.

Makes 1 cup, 2 servings

Variation: If you are not opposed to artificial sweeteners and want to cut more calories and carbs you can use sugar free jam.

Serving size ½ cup Calories 85 Protein 11g Carb 9.5 g Fiber 0 g Sugars 8 g Fat 0 g Saturated fat 0 g Sodium 40 mg


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