Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Shout-Out!

As my second post in my Shout-Out series, I'd like to highlight Joy Bauer. It’s likely you may have seen her on TV before, because she is the nutrition and health expert for the TODAY Show. She appears in a lot of fun and informative segments on the show. One of them is the“Joy Fit Club,” which highlights people who have lost and kept off 100 pounds or more through diet and exercise alone. Joy’s other ongoing series include Joy’s Diet S.O.S., Joy’s Kitchen Rescue and Joy’s Healthy Food Finds.

In addition to being an accomplished TV personality, Joy is also the author of multiple New York Time bestsellers, such as her latest cookbook titled Slim & Scrumptious and Joy Bauer's Food Cures which is an “ultimate guide to using food as medicine.” Recently I was contacted by a member of Joy’s team and was sent these two great books for review. I would definitely recommend them both. The cookbook focuses on whole, natural foods used to create a variety of unique and flavorful recipes. Her Food Cures book is easy to read, and provides tons of great information on healthy eating, not only as it relates to weight loss, but to many other health conditions/issues that are also prevalent today ranging from diabetes to osteoporosis. Also, because she is a qualified health professional, the information and tips in the book are based on sound research.

So a big Shout-Out to Joy and I invite you to check out her site for more info!


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